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BMW ZQ Import Centre

BMW ZQ Import Centre

BMW ZQ Import Centre

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BMW ZQ Import Centre

Project Details


Springvale Road, Mulgrave


Delivering the BMW Australia National Headquarters, this facility comprised consolidation of 12,500m² combined administration and showroom space, warehouse and mechanical workshop. This required the integration of contrasting programmes, operational needs, specifications, and delivering to the client’s high quality expectations on materials used. The project also required extensive design management of both the base building and tenancy works, and an extended tendering, procurement, and contract letting process.


PPM ensured it provided the client with extensive information and reporting, taking a project lead role to ensure each part of the program meshed properly. We delivered a dedicated project delivery strategy that also incorporated the client’s specific approvals process. PPM also ensured the aspects of international design and local construction were also matched via strong communication platforms and additional meetings.


When completed, this facility was regarded by the client as ‘best subsidiary worldwide’, also winning the Master Builders Excellence in Construction of Industrial Buildings award that year. The project was completed under budget and in advance of BMW’s programme requirements.